Become a 4-H Volunteer | Carbon County 4H

    Become a 4-H Volunteer

    In 4-H, there is a wide range of volunteer opportunities.  Some of the diverse roles include:

    • Leading a 4-H club
    • Teaching a workshop
    • Serving on a planning committee
    • Organizing events or contests
    • Serving as a judge during the fair or at a 4-H competition
    • Coaching a team
    • Sponsoring a contest or event

    With so many choices, you can easily find a volunteer role that matches your skills, interests, and the time you have available.

    Volunteers working directly with youth are required to complete a volunteer application and volunteer supplement.  Club leaders will also need to attend New Leader's Orientation.

    For more information about volunteering with Carbon County 4-H, contact Kathie Thayn at (435) 636-3233, or